Research from Centrify says a lack of encryption and weak or shared passwords on Apple devices are exposing sensitive corporate and customer details in the workplace. The survey of over 2,000 US workers found that people mostly use Apple devices for work, but lack of security and management of these devices are opening up businesses to critical liabilities.

Nearly half (45 percent) used at least one Apple device for work and in general about two thirds of the Apple devices (63 percent) are owned by the user instead of the company in order to access work email, corporate documents and other business applications.

The survey also found that despite the popularity of Apple devices used at work, businesses were not investing enough resources to secure or manage them. More than half of all devices were secured by a password that is only a single word or sequence of numbers.

Most devices did not have software installed to enforce strong passwords and some even shared their passwords with others. Only just over a third of Apple devices had encryption of stored data enforced by their organisation.

Bill Mann, Centrify senior vice president of products and marketing commented, “In particular, customer data represents a huge liability. Most importantly, there are solutions on the market today that can handily secure Apple devices without sacrificing user productivity. It's time for IT to take action.”