M86 Security has launched the new version of its WebMarshal gateway to include management of social networking sites and video content.

WebMarshal version 6.9 features the company's VuSafe technology that allows educational establishments to find, tag, organise and share online video while preventing access to inappropriate content and removing advertisements, viewer comments and external links.

The company said VuSafe provides a fully secure online learning environment and its built-in policies allow teachers to manage content libraries for their own classroom or to share with and borrow from other educators.

It also includes robust administration and search features, which means that repositories can be created, categorised and accessed in numerous ways, such as by student age, grade level, subject, teacher or keywords.

Ed Rowley, senior product manager at M86 Security, said: “Student safety and regulatory compliance are of utmost concern for school authorities; at the same time, educators need the freedom to tap the wealth of valuable information found on the internet.

“With increasing budgetary constraints, the integration of VuSafe with WebMarshal allows our customers to maximise their security investment. This is free of charge to all educational organisations.”