US Embassy official in London charged with 'sextortion'

News by Danielle Correa

US Embassy official in the UK accused of hacking, phishing and cyber-stalking of women.

Michael C Ford of the US Embassy in London has been accused of 'sextortion' attempts that include hacking, phishing and cyber-stalking involving about 250 women. Ford was an employee at the US Embassy in the UK during the whole scheme.

According to the US Justice Department, the ex-state department employee apparently stole sexually explicit videos, pictures, passwords and other personal information of the victims as part of a sextortion scheme for over two years. Most of the attacks were initiated via a US Embassy computer.

To force his victims to provide personal details, Ford acted as a member of the fictional “account deletion team” for a famous service provider and sent warnings to thousands of victims threatening them that their social accounts would be seized if they did not provide passwords for their online accounts.

The official declaration stated that if any victim refused to adhere to Ford's demands, he responded with more threats that included him reminding the victim that he knew where they lived. In a few cases, Ford sent sexually explicit pictures to the victim's friends and family members.

Ford was arrested by the federal law enforcement agency after one of the fake email addresses was traced and linked to an offical IP address of the US and UK . He was charged with counts of cyber-stalking, computer hacking and wire fraud.

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