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New US Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, & Emergency Response

The US Department of Energy has established and funded a new Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response (CESER).

Kaspersky filed an injunction challenging US DHS ban

Kaspersky filed an injunction Wednesday challenging the US government's ban of the software company's products, arguing that the US Department of Homeland Security didn't give it an opportunity to contest the purported evidence.

US government DHS data breach affects 250,000

More than 250,000 of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employees along with individuals involved in on-going DHS criminal investigations had their personally identifiable information (PII) compromised in a data breach.

Update 2: UK & US blame North Korea for WannaCry - 'directly responsible'

North Korea was behind the WannaCry ransomware that blazed a destructive path around the world last spring, wreaking havoc on companies of all stripes say both UK and US officials.

DHS, FBI analyze North Korean Hidden Cobra, FallChill

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have officially revealed the IP addresses that they say are used by the North Korean government to administer the RAT FallChill.

US Justice Dept has evidence to charge Russian officials with DNC hack

More than half a dozen Russian government officials are in the US Justice Department's crosshairs and may be facing charges for hacking computers at the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Kaspersky transparency initiative to share code, updates to build trust

Following the US Federal ban on Kaspersky Lab products the company has launched a Global Transparency Initiative, providing its source code for third-party review and opening three transparency centres internationally.

Ukrainian malware author accuses Russia in US DNC hack investigation

A Ukrainian who authored malware that US intelligence officials say was used by an Russian APT group to hack the Democratic National Committee has become a witness for the FBI.

Microsoft overseas data: US judges claim extra-territorial jurisdiction

Two US judges rule against Microsoft Ireland decision in cases pitting Google against DOJ

Insecure IoT devices to be prohibited, US Federal purchases restricted

The US Congress has introduced a bill which aims to prohibit sale of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the government if they can't be patched or have their password changed.

Why is the US government lagging behind the UK on DMARC anti-spoofing?

The US government has been criticised by a senator for failing to implement DMARC, a proven tool for curtailing the abuse of email domains by spammers and spoofers.

ICYMI: SC Awards, iPhone hack, Trump's $1.5bn, skills gap, Ubiquiti flaw

In Case You Missed It: SC Awards Finalists; 200 m icloud accounts breached; Trump cybersec spend; overcoming skills gap; ubiquity flaw

White House without a CISO as Trump reportedly sacks Obama appointee

The White House has reportedly fired its chief information security officer Cory Louie, leaving another key internal cyber-security position vacant less than a month after former Federal CISO Gregory Touhill resigned from his post.

Russia prepares to prevent possible US cyber-attacks

Following the US announcements that it is planning to retaliate for presumed Russian hacking of the DNC, Russia says it is making preparations to mitigate the impact of any such attack, while suggesting the US has more to lose.

Trump campaign leaks details from interns' resumes

Donald Trump's contentious campaign for the presidency has taken another controversial turn as his website was found leaking the CVs of his interns

Two arrested in connection to 'Crackas With Attitude' gov't attacks

At least three other suspects in the UK are also being investigated by the Crown Prosecution Service, the release said.

Interior Dept must update access control standards to meet NIST guidelines - report

The Inspector General has said that the U.S. Department of the Interior has to beef up its access controls if it wants to meet current standards

US government accuses Hinkley point partner of nuclear espionage

Major partners in the controversial nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point have been accused in American courts of attempting to steal US nuclear technology.

US government CIOs repeatedly covered up breaches

A US Congress committee has condemned the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for covering up a number of breaches

CFcS programme established to improve US national cyber-posture

The growth of state sponsored and APT cyber-attacks on the US government has triggered a much needed response by the US National Security Agency's (NSA) Information Assurance Directorate (IAD).

Senator calls for self-driving vehicle regulations

During a Senate subcommittee hearing, a legislator pushed for security protections on internet-connected vehicles. "The Internet of Things leads also to the Internet of Threats," said Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.).

US gov vulnerability disclosure requires oversight, says new report

A new report has called for greater accountability and oversight in the way the government reports the software vulnerabilities that it discovers.

Clapper: U.S. mulling ways to disclose info on Americans caught up in gov't spy net

James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence has said that the government is considering ways it might disclose information about Americans under government surveillance

Report: 77K cyber incidents against U.S. govt.

A new report from the US Office of Management and Budget has shown the true scale of the cyber-threats that the US government contends with each day

Does the UK need a chief information security officer?

While most of the media understandably covers the search for a new President of the United States, we couldn't help but notice another job going begging at the White House: CISO. Which got us to thinking...

Crackas strike again! Xfinity account of John Holdren is breached

The Xfinity account of John Holdren, senior advisor on science and technology to US president Barack Obama, has been breached.

Microsoft warns against privacy evisceration in American-Irish email row

Microsoft says it fears that a precedent could be set, leading to a "global free-for-all" eroding personal privacy, as US government seeks to force it to hand over user's email.

To mine or not to mine, that's the question for senate

Whether increased data mining enhances security or undermines privacy, that's the question facing the US senate over the controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (Cisa) 2015.