A US man has been sentenced to seven years in jail for his role in a credit card scam, according to reports.

Jacob Vincent Green-Bressler, from Tucson, received the punishment in an Arizona court for his involvement in the theft and fraud of credit and debit card numbers and their associated PIN numbers.

According to police reports, he bought the credit information from other fraudsters in online chat rooms and forums. Police in the US said the suppliers had obtained the details through phishing attacks and spamming.

The 21-year-old, along with an alleged 16 co-conspirators, used software to format and encode the compromised data on to plastic cards with magnetic strips and used them to withdraw money from ATM machines in the Tucson region.

Green-Bressler and his co-defendants wire transferred about 50 per cent of the money (£151,000) fraudulently taken from the cash machines back to the suppliers of the debit card details overseas.

During the course of the scam, the men obtained more than 4,500 credit and debit card account numbers from US banking customers located in countries, including the UK, Russia, Mexico, France and Australia, US authorities claim.