US senate passes Act to secure energy infrastructure

News by Robert Abel

The provisions of Securing Energy Infrastructure Act makes it difficult to attack the power grid in the US, as attackers would now have to be physically present at the facility to access it

The House Thursday passed the bipartisan Securing Energy Infrastructure Act, which aims to remove vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to access the energy grid.

The bill was sponsored by senators Dutch Ruppersberger and John Carter and mirrors the Senate legislation introduced by senators Angus King and Jim Risch.

It seeks to thwart attacks by making them much more difficult to carry out so that those intent on accessing the grid would have to physically touch the equipment.

"Protecting our critical infrastructure from potential cyberattacks is of the utmost importance, and the time to act is now," said Senator Risch. "I’ve been proud to work with Senator King on this bill to put our national laboratories, including the Idaho National Lab, at the helm of efforts to secure the integrity of our energy infrastructure systems."

This article was originally published on SC Media US.

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