The US government has signed a bill to increase intellectual property protection of software, films and music.


The penalties for infringement have been raised and will be monitored by a national IP Tsar.

John Lovelock, chief executive of FAST IiS said: “We want to lower the misuse of software in UK organisations from around 26 per cent, where it has stubbornly hovered for the last five years to a figure that gives full return to IP rights holders whilst allowing consumers to benefit from excellent software, music and movies.


“All intellectual property requires skill, time and resources to create and without sufficient return on this investment the creators will not be able to invest, employees will lose jobs, tax revenues will decrease and we all lose out.


“The UK IP legal process is not perfect but is improving. With the cooperation and commitment of Government, the Civil Service and the IP industry, we can address the issues businesses have in respecting and managing the use of intellectual property.”