Despite Barack Obama claiming a landslide win in the US election, one hacker aimed to disrupt the election with a spam email.


An email was sent to around 35,000 students, faculty and staff at George Mason University in Virginia which said the election has been postponed until November 5. the email was by an unknown hacker who managed to gain access to a university list server.


University spokesman Daniel Walsch said that the email generated a flurry of calls from parents and students wanting to know what happened though many were not fooled by the hoax but wanted to know why the email was sent out.


According to Walsch, the list server used to send the bogus email is typically used to send out alerts relating to issues such as weather-related closures, with only a ‘handful' of people at the university have access to the list server.


An early investigation revealed that whoever sent the hoax email didn't appear to have hacked into the system, instead, Walsch claimed that the person appears to have used the provost's credentials to gain access to it and send out the email.


Walsch said: “We do not know who was involved, but if we find out who did this, we intend to prosecute that person or persons to the fullest extent of the law.”