The USB killer returns

News by Max Metzger

A new version of the killer pen drive has been created. The drive, which kills computers upon insertion, boasts twice the power of the original.

The original ‘USB killer' was created in March this year. It was made of a DC/DC converter and a field effect transistor. Once it was plugged into a computer, the killer device would charge up to 110V and fry the computer until it was destroyed.  

This new invention, the USB killer version 2.0, once plugged in, shoots 220V directly into the signal lines of the USB, resulting in the summary execution of the computer. 

The USB killer is not an entirely new idea, as the HackerNews noted. The Stuxnet worm was carried into an Iranian nuclear facility on a USB drive where, once plugged into a networked computer, was able to knock out large portions of the country's Uranium refining capabilities. 

Dark Purple, the pseudonymous inventor of both version 1.0 and 2.0, exhibited the awesome power of his new invention in a proof-of-concept video posted on YouTube.



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