An encrypted USB stick that creates a secure virtual workspace on any PC has been introduced by Check Point.

According to Check Point, the Abra USB stick allows users to turn any PC into a fully secure corporate desktop through integrated virtual private network (VPN) connectivity. Produced by Check Point and SanDisk, the device combines Check Point virtualisation, VPN and security technologies with an encrypted SanDisk high performance USB drive to create a secure, virtual workspace.

The company claimed that to safeguard sensitive data stored on Abra, the device utilises hardware and software encryption that protects data at rest and when in use, while program control regulates the types of applications used by Abra to protect the corporate network from malware associated with unauthorised applications. Finally, virtualisation technology isolates an Abra work session from the host PC, ensuring sensitive data remains on Abra and preventing data loss.

Gil Shwed, chairman and chief executive officer at Check Point, said: “Abra will change the way people work, whether remotely or while on the go. Abra is like no other tool, not only combining virtualisation, VPN and strong data security into a single ultra-portable device, but doing it in an easy to use cost effective manner. The days of travelling with bulky laptops are behind us.”