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Linux systems can still be hacked via USB sticks

Organisations need to apply patch to prevent malicious code execution from USB flash drives. Linux systems could be a risk from malware on USB memory sticks, according to security researchers.

Taiwan police award malware-laced USBs as prizes for cyber-security quiz

Taiwanese police handed out malware-laden USB sticks as prizes for a security quiz given during an infosec conference in December 2017.

Dangerous data breach at Heathrow: How insiders can threaten public safety

A USB stick was found in the streets of London containing over 70 unencrypted security files from Heathrow International Airport - so what security precautions could and should have prevented this danger to the public?

The USB killer returns

Hackers exploiting Windows vulnerability that infects via USB

Flaw hits all versions of Windows; infects when USB peripheral is mounted

BadUSB malware could be used to infect ICSs

BadUSB malware could be used to manipulate industrial systems, says one security researcher.

ICYMI: Hacking into cars, Chinese cyber-espionage and Siri's security flaw

The latest ICYMI column looks at the week's biggest stories, including hacking into cars, Chinese cyber-espionage and the take-down of thousands of French websites.

2 million cars vulnerable to USB dongle attack

A security researcher has discovered over two million US-made cars could be attacked via insecure USB dongles.

The 5 most read articles this week: July 25-31

Here are the five most popular articles, as read by you the reader, in the week for July 25 to 31.

Researcher develops BadUSB code to compromise USB sticks - and their computer hosts

Karsten Nohl also reveals how an enhanced security approach can beat his USB architecture compromise.

Hackers preparing 'wild west' zero-day assault on Windows XP

With Windows XP finally set to go end-of-life next week, Microsoft has made one final call for businesses and consumers to update to a newer version of the operating system.

ATM hackers tap the power of the USB

Hackers combine physical and electronic attack vectors to get access to hard cash.

Corporate data loss seen to be a collective responsibility

Three-quarters of respondents to a recent poll believe that data loss is a collective responsibility.

Exclusive: BlockMaster to introduce backup and stronger file sharing options

Secure USB vendor BlockMaster is to introduce cloud backup and a 'digital fence' concept next week.

Three-quarters of security professionals plug in a randomly-found USB stick

More than three-quarters of IT security professionals pick up and plug in USB sticks that they find.

US power companies were shut down by USB-transmitted viruses

A US power company was shut down for three weeks by a virus brought in by an infected USB stick.