Use of a greater pool of skilled professionals could be the resolution to reporting cybercrime

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A call has been made by dns to mirror Barack Obama's review of cyber-security policies and procedures.

A call has been made by dns to mirror Barack Obama's review of cyber-security policies and procedures.


The White House review's provisional findings suggested that the best way forward is for public and private sectors to work together closely in the fight against cybercrime.


Dns claimed that this is something that should also be implemented in the UK; with consultant Rafe Pilling believing that a specialised force is needed as re-organising existing groups would not fix the fundamental resource issue.


Pilling said: “E-crime is obviously a big issue for small-to-medium businesses, but they don't register on the national interest scale the way a large company might. Ultimately, I think I'd prefer that the police focus on the issues of online child abuse and counter terrorism and let companies get themselves up to speed on security so they can limit their own exposure and not have to rely on legal prosecution after the fact.


“However, a scheme where specialist companies in the UK could be deputised to investigate e-crime for SMBs, seems like a far more sensible approach.”


Pilling suggested a scheme where investigators could be certified by the police to confirm that the investigation meets certain standards regarding evidence integrity and legal processes.


“Once an investigation has been conducted it could then be passed to the local police force or the Criminal Prosecution Service directly who could choose whether or not to prosecute. This way smaller firms could get the legal attention they are looking for without placing an economic burden on the already stretched police force”, said Pilling.


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