Stonewood has announced the launch of Orion that helps to keep track of and manage encrypted hardware.

A management tool which allows full centralised control of Stonewood's Eclypt hard drive family, the company claimed that the product allows full creation, activation, modification, suspension and deletion of user accounts, account policies and passwords for multiple drives or users simultaneously.

As the encryption is hardware-based, Orion stores no encryption keys or passwords centrally, while all communications with remote devices are encrypted which makes obtaining such information much harder for would-be attackers. It also allows full overview of all devices in use, including device status, location and registered users.

It provides password recovery and the resetting of locked-out accounts, as well as installation of hard drive operations.

Chris McIntosh, CEO of Stonewood, said: “When dealing with a large number of different encrypted devices, from hard drives to USB sticks, it can be difficult to keep a clear view of all of these devices.

“Eclypt Orion makes tracking, managing and recording encrypted devices a much simpler process, meaning that organisations can be confident that their encrypted data is being used where it should be, when it should be and by whom it should be.”