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Facebook defends sharing user data with mobile OEMs

Facebook is defending its privacy and data management practices again after the New York Times on Sunday reported that the social media giant has entered into agreements over the last decade to share user data.

Leaked Documents claim CA Affiliate Gave Facebook Data to John Bolton

A whistleblower has released documents bolstering claims a company at the centre of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal didn't destroy user data.

RedDrop malware runs up big bills on Android smartphones and spies on users

Researchers warn that malware could be used to blackmail users. New malware has been discovered that could eavesdrop on Android smartphone users and run up huge bills.

Open AWS S3 bucket exposes private info on thousands of Fedex customers

In what has become an alarmingly routine occurrence, an unsecured Amazon S3 server - this time affiliated with FedEx - has exposed personal information of tens of thousands of users.

Mobile credential-stealer uses deep link to mimic Uber app

A credentials-stealing malware program disguised as an Android app was recently found spoofing an Uber user interface, and even leveraging a deep link uniform resource identifier from the ride-sharing app to appear legitimate.

John McAfee Twitter and phone hacked to promote cryptocurrencies

Cyber-security pioneer John McAfee is warning users that anyone can be hacked after someone allegedly broke into his Twitter account to promote cryptocurrency investments.

Backdoor ships SMS data back to China

A firmware code created by a Chinese company called Adups has been found to be collecting vasts amount of user information and sending it to servers located in China according to US cyber-security firm Kryptowire.

DailyMotion breached, 85 million accounts made off with

One of the internet's foremost video hosting platforms has been breached and hackers have made off with tens of millions of account details.

Breach notification laws makes third attempt in Australian parliament

An law which will make companies tell customers and regulators when they've been breached is making yet another passage through Australia's legislative assembly.

Was Spotify breached? Account info shows up on Pastebin

Spotify may have experienced a security breach based on a list of customer account credentials discovered on Pastebin.

Top Chinese browser lets users be tracked and attacked

Tencent, a major chinese web browser with millions of users around the world, has been found leaking data with which users can be identified, tracked and attacked.

Linux Mint operating system maliciously hacked

ISO file for free operating system download infected with botnet malware, and user forum details also stolen.

DayZed and confused: users' data purloined from zombie server

Users of the DayZ zombie shoot 'em up have been informed by the developer that their passwords and messages have been stolen by hackers.

Government demands for user data are growing in 2015

Facebook says that government requests for data and insistence to take down content grew in the first half of 2015.

Employees willing to sell private data for a Caribbean holiday

Twenty five percent of polled employees said they would sell private data and risk their jobs and criminal conviction for £5,000.