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Utimaco SafeGuard 5.3





£50 per seat for 1,000 seats

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Strengths: Lots of options available as an enterprise-class suite

Weaknesses: Client endpoints may be a bit too locked down with the exclusion of Remote Desktop support

Verdict: Good product offering at a competitive price. Support for BitLocker is a nice addition

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Utimaco's SafeGuard Enterprise is five components in one suite. Partner Connect, Management Center, Device Encryption, Data Exchange and Configuration Protection are all integrated components that offer file- and folder-based or whole disk encryption. The product is run from the Management Center and offers both a centrally-managed option to control endpoints or localised standalone policies.

Installation of the product was easy. The management console and server were installed on our Windows 2003 test server and required MS SQL, IIS and the .NET framework to be installed as well. Policies and client packages can all be created from the Management Center, but both the installation and configuration files need to be pushed using a third-party product.

Overall, we liked SafeGuard's look and feel and it performed very well. We tested within both virtual and physical server environments using Windows XP SP2 for our client testing. On the client components, the software takes such tight control that you are no longer able to use Remote Desktop on Windows hosts to manage them. However, use of VNC or other remote management products works just fine. This was an interesting finding, as Utimaco boasts tight integration with Microsoft products and even offers support for Vista BitLocker.

SafeGuard Enterprise contains all the bells and whistles that you would expect: pre-boot authentication, emergency access and strong authentication support. The features offer the strictest of control over devices, drives, files and even ports. The Port Auditor is a nice ancillary feature; it uses WMI to scan devices in your enterprise and reports back what physical ports are in use and whether or not they're secured with SafeGuard.

PDF documentation for all components is most informative. There are video tutorials to help first-time administrators walk through typical installation and configuration tasks.

SafeGuard Enterprise comes with free basic 8/5 support that includes phone and web portal support. An optional 24/7 package is also available. The support site contains a customer portal and a knowledgebase.

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