Consolidating security into a unified threat management could be a way forward for small businesses.

According to a recent study by the Aberdeen Group, more than 120 new vulnerability disclosures are made each week. Of these, nearly 90 per cent of which could be exploited remotely, and more than 400,000 new examples of malware were identified in the last year.


In a recent study entitled ‘Unified Threat Management (UTM): What's In, What's Next, and Why', results showed that organisations that adopted a UTM strategy compared to those that chose not to experienced a 20 per cent reduction in actual threat/vulnerability related incidents.


Derek E. Brink, Vice President and Research Fellow, IT Security, Aberdeen, said: “Businesses are turning to UTM devices because of their capabilities to address multiple threats, as well as for the tangible benefits of reducing costs and improving efficiencies.


“As UTM appliances continue to add new features to mitigate future threats and increase functionality and management capabilities, we expect to see even more businesses utilize best-in-class security practices with UTM appliances.”


Vinod Chamdal, regional sales manager UK for Watchguard, said: “People are looking for solutions and they are looking to consolidate, so they can choose a robust antivirus, firewall or spam solution from one place if they have a good relationship with one vendor. We've made it simple with a robust UTM and our services can contain changes. Our clients are able to package as they choose.”