Spam Skype messages are being distributed that are joining in on the Valentine's Day theme.


Websense Security Labs ThreatSeeker Network spotted an emerging malicious spam lure that uses Skype's logos and themes and entices the user into sending a free Valentine video message to a loved one.


Featuring the subject line ‘show your love – save a stamp', the proposed video link in the message leads to a malicious compressed archive file namedvalentine.exe. Executing the file installs a version of Skype along with an IRC backdoor file named spoolsv.exe.


Carl Leonard, threat research manager at Websense, said: “Skype have started to introduce cards legitimately and this has been targeted with a Valentine's Day theme. The URL that is being used is a compromised site and it does have a Skype theme, while the Valentine's theme has been selected for the purpose of making the scam more alluring.


“We have seen Skype being targeted before but this is a very topical area of interest and a lot of effort has gone into it as it downloads a backdoor file that will have control over the user's machine.


“This is another in a series of initiatives that we have been tracking over the past few weeks. It seems that anything is possible with the scammers' tool kits and it must be working to some extent.”