Varonis announces new version of data governance software

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Varonis has announced the latest version of its DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege governance software.

Varonis has announced the latest version of its of DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege governance software.

Version 5.5 is a further evolution of the Varonis meta-data framework that enables customers to identify sensitive unstructured and semi-structured data on their file systems, SharePoint sites and NAS devices.

The company claimed that it helps customers find areas with excessive permissions and abnormal access activity, understand who can access, who is accessing, who should not have access, and who owns the data, and remediate risk faster than traditional data protection products.

Varonis has also made enhancements to its data classification framework to include support for dynamically updated ‘dictionaries', allowing it to examine the contents of files for any items contained in them and highlight matches in DatAdvantage for easy examination.

Ohad Korkus, executive vice president of engineering, CTO and co-founder of Varonis, said: “Today, a single terabyte of data will often contain 50,000 folders, of which 2,500, or five per cent, are uniquely permissioned. Each of these 2,500 folders represents an organisational decision – ‘who should have access to this data?'

“More containers mean more decisions, and more maintenance for IT and data owners. The only realistic path to manage and protect this data is to implement methodologies for securing and protecting data that utilise automation and actionable intelligence in a scalable and repeatable fashion, without requiring additional IT personnel or disturbing business processes."


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