Venafi has launched a best practice portal for enterprise key and certificate management (EKCM).

In order to ‘stem the epidemic of lost IT security certificates', it said that the EKCM Best Practices Portal contains best practice templates.

Available to Venafi customers and registered participants in response to customer requests, the portal offers general knowledge of how to securely implement, scale and manage encryption keys, as well as best-practice guidance for SSL certificate and private key management, breach and failure recovery, system availability and security breach prevention.

Jeff Hudson, CEO of Venafi, said: “The reality is that companies have amassed petabytes of regulated, sensitive and valuable corporate data that flows within and beyond their firewalls, all of which must be protected. These same organisations are deploying encryption and digital certificates across their global infrastructures and in the cloud.

“The other reality is that the keys and certificates are not well managed and companies have little idea how many of these security assets they have in their inventories, where they are deployed, who has access to them or how they are managed. Without understanding best practices, enterprises are likely to experience significant security, operational and compliance risks.”