Independent software vendors are moving to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to deliver their products.


A survey by Rackspace Hosting has shown that 48 per cent said they either already had a SaaS strategy and products in place or are developing SaaS applications to run alongside existing solutions.


Only 15 per cent said they still had no clear SaaS policy defined. Managed hosting ranked as the most popular method for hosting SaaS, alongside in-house, (37 per cent for both), while eight per cent said they are already using cloud technology to host SaaS services.


Fabio Torlini, marketing director at Rackspace, said: “There is a significant move towards SaaS and those businesses that are not making the move are at risk of being left behind. One of the big challenges for Rackspace is to ensure that we can help vendors make the transition to a profitable SaaS business model. Developing the right hosting strategy is a crucial part of that equation.”