The US based company claims industry's first on-demand DLP solution from which companies can deploy a "complete enterprise information protection (EIP) program" with a faster and lower total-cost approach to protecting sensitive information.

The first product, Managed Services for Information Protection (MSIP) includes all IPaaS services, plus a dedicated team of Verdasys data security experts to manage a company's  information security program including: data discovery & classification; risk analysis; custom rule creation; encryption; enforcement control; and forensic reporting.

Meanwhile, Information Protection as a Service (IPaaS) is the “DIY” hosted solution. IPaaS includes Verdasys Digital Guardian deployed by Verdasys personnel with, according to the company, on-going infrastructure management, reporting, and 24x7 support from Verdasys' secure data center. IPaaS also includes full product training, and access to the Management Reporting Portal for real-time risk and compliance analysis.

The hosted enterprise DLP services feature no up-front costs for hardware, software, or management, and no additional security staff. The company says Verdasys managed service experts will test, configure, and deploy Digital Guardian agents across the enterprise in real or virtual environments, and host each customers' policy management and reporting server in a secure and high-availability facility. Customers have the option to administer their own data security rules, alerts, and policies remotely, or let Verdasys data security experts manage the entire data protection program according to their specifications.

 “Verdasys understands the real world challenges organizations face when implementing enterprise information programs. Merging data security with operations is a balance between business priorities, budget pressures, and productivity requirements; a complex task made more difficult with a lack of dedicated staff or subject experts” said Jim Ricotta, President and CEO for Verdasys.

Both products will be available from end of May 2012 in the UK and Europe.