VeriSign adds new languages to its 'Phish/No Phish' game

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VeriSign has updated its 'Phish/No Phish' game with translations into various languages.

VeriSign has updated its ‘Phish/No Phish' game with translations into various languages.

The online game, which tests the user's ability to spot a genuine site from a phishing site, comes as the next step in VeriSign's continued efforts to better educate people on how to protect themselves online.

Phil D'Angio, director at VeriSign, claimed that the Phish/No Phish game is a way for consumers to visualise the potential threats, giving them a clear idea of how to tell the difference between fraudulent and legitimate sites.

He said: “It's so important for consumers to know the threats they face in the cyber world. Fraudsters continue to invent increasingly sophisticated methods to scam people, and it's sometimes hard to keep up with the traps that are constantly set for them.

“Recent research by VeriSign found that 22 per cent of UK consumers have been put off shopping online this Christmas by fears over identity theft and fraud. Consumers shouldn't have to miss out on all the great deals to be found online, they just need to know the signs that tell them not to trust a website.”


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