Replify has launched the latest version of its accelerator software that is designed to enhance integration across enterprises.

The company claimed that version 3.4.1 will also increase bandwidth speeds and reduce latency across WANs. The new version will also enable businesses to rapidly deploy the solution and to manage users through its ‘client awareness' functionality.

Joe Boyle, head of sales at Replify, said: “In many respects our solution is coming of age. Our virtual appliances are deployed in branch offices and data centres – so we now have just one product that can be configured for both scenarios – rather than dedicated virtual servers for each scenario.

“This collection of improvements further streamlines the Replify Accelerator Suite and makes the product more refined for enterprise implementation.

“We have also recognised that application server transparency is essential for backup and disaster recovery implementation, and we have taken the opportunity to make the charting functionality more compelling, as well as improve the host identification and naming.  The result is an improved product in many operational areas, recognised in the market with really positive feedback from our customers and resellers.”