ViaSat UK has launched a new range of encrypted portable USB drives.

Certified by CESG to ‘top secret' level, ViaSat said the Eclypt Nano is designed to be unbreakable and waterproof to the MIL-STD-810G standard, the criteria used by the US Department of Defense to judge equipment's ability to survive extremes of pressure, wetness, temperature, impact and vibration.

Chris McIntosh, CEO of ViaSat UK, said: “The greatest threat to data isn't from external attacks or sabotage. It comes from the belief that lost data is something that happens to other people.

“Previously, USB drives could only protect data up to a ‘restricted' level; now organisations can transfer, share and use ‘top secret'-rated data out in the field, safe in the knowledge that it is protected. Even if, or rather when, data is lost, organisations can have peace of mind that it is protected by the strongest security available.”