ViaSat has announced the roll-out of the full range of its military- and government-grade communication technologies to the UK.

Following its acquisition of encryption technology vendor Stonewood a year ago, ViaSat UK now offers full network and data security products, including the only USB drives certified to store CAPS Impact Level 6 Top Secret data.

Chris McIntosh, CEO of ViaSat UK, said: “Products such as ViaSat UK's communications and security offerings can provide the capability government and military need without the associated financial burden or risk of procurement project failure.”

Speaking to SC Magazine, ViaSat UK's business development director, Alan Back, said: “This is communications software targeted at military applications and secure solutions with in-line encryption that sits at the end of the communications link. This offers the ability to embed a secure element from ViaSat encryption technology with deep crypto to secure data.

“There is certainly a demand for these types of services in the UK, particularly in the military where procurement has been plagued by overspending, delays and under-performing equipment programmes.

“It is essential that the UK government and military reduce procurement risk and costs by purchasing proven products that have already been de-risked and developed elsewhere.”

He added: “The types of cyber and information attacks that the enterprise experiences are of a similar scale to that of governments and militaries: they are simply lagging by a few years.

“Enterprises may not require a similar level of security right now: however, as threats change in future, it is inevitable that the enterprise will then seek security products at levels similar to those used by governments.

“It should also come as no surprise that many corporations, particularly within sectors such as legal, pharmaceuticals and oil and gas, already utilise high-level security products. If anything, we would expect more sectors to begin adopting these levels as the security situation intensifies.”