Video: Chris Wysopal on how long it would take to break the internet

News by Max Metzger

From hacker to security researcher and CTO of a major cyber-security software company, Chris Wysopal has developed strong views on what works and doesn't work and how the world needs to wise up to security.

In 1998, Chris Wysopal, along with six of his comrades in the hackers group, L0pht, told a panel of US senators that they could break the internet in half an hour. 

Nothing was safe because the people who made computers, networks and software didn't care about the security of their products and there would be no repercussions for their bad behaviour.

In this video he reveals how long it would take to break the internet now – the answer might surprise you. 

That said, Wysopal sees that things are getting better. Where once we had hackers, now we have security researchers and pen testers. That's where Chris finds himself now as CTO and co-founder of Veracode, the “most powerful application security platform on the planet” as it likes to call itself. 

Chris sat down with in our central London office to discuss just what's starting to change and how companies, boards of directors and governments are starting to wise up, or will soon need to, about securing these systems.

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