Amnon Bar-Lev, Check Point
Amnon Bar-Lev, Check Point

The cyber-security landscape is changing quickly and IT professionals need to keep their systems up to date or fall prey to ever-more sophisticated hackers.

That was the message from Amnon Bar-Lev, president of Check Point, during a video interview at the London offices of recently.

As the hackers become more sophisticated and better funded, they are developing a mature criminal industry which is a serious challenge to cyber-security.

They are well placed to exploit new developments in cloud services, mobile apps and the internet of things, he said: “You need to find the balance of this technology that allows you to be much more flexible, reduce your IT costs and be agile in the market but still protect your major assets out there.”

He says that cloud is a problem for business because sharing, no matter how it's managed, is fundamentally insecure.

And he rejects the notion that you need to focus less on prevention and more on detection. Remediation is expensive so just because it doesn't always work, protection is not something that we should give up on.