Video explainer: What's wrong with encryption back doors?

News by Max Metzger

SC caught up with BeyondTrust's Brian Chappell to find out why weakened encryption for one means weakened encryption for all

There are few things that send blood pressures skyrocketing in the tech industry the way that the battle over encryption does.

With governments around the world trying to force tech companies to weaken their own technologies or install nebulously-termed ‘backdoors' we hear just as nebulous a response from incensed nerds. Namely, that if you break encryption in even one instance

It appears to be a powerful argument, if only by the fact that it has become the boilerplate response any time the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone comes up in conversation. Rarely do we hear it go any further.

Why does all encryption get weaker if you ask one company to weaken the encryption on its product? We got Brian Chapell, technical services director at BeyondTrust to explain...


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