David Meyer, VP of product at OneLogin
David Meyer, VP of product at OneLogin

He tells us that IAM is essential for ensuring that the right people can access the right things at the right time.

As workers have moved out of traditional office environments, data has had to move with them – all of these changes mean you have to have identity management running from the cloud.

Meyers says it's a myth that the cloud is less secure than on-premise. If you are trying to mitigate the threats from cyber-attackers from on premise, you will struggle because you won't have the expertise to counter all the types of attacks you'd have thrown at you.

Companies have to decide what their goals are and where they want to be in 2-3 years and how they want to organise their business. By moving all of the identity management to the cloud, you can not only manage the cloud security but also push IAM capability down to the premises where it effectively replaces the previous access management solutions.

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