Video: ISC(2) CEO David Shearer says APAC suffers from same cyber-skills gap

News by Roi Perez

ISC(2) CEO David Shearer says APAC suffers from same cyber-skills gap despite putting out more qualified STEM majors.

Fresh off a trip from Asia, David Shearer, CEO of (ISC)2 told that while Asian countries are out-pacing western Europe in terms of technological advances, they face much of the same challenges we do in filling the cyber-skills gap.

Shearer told SC that, “despite some countries in the APAC region training a number equal to or greater than Western Europe's number of STEM majors, they too are the cyber-skills gap shortage.”

In an attempt to close the cyber-skills gap, build capacity and facilitate entry level jobs, (ISC)2 founded it's Associates of (ISC)2' programme which trains entry level grads who have the skills and mindset for a career in cyber-security.

According to Shearer however, cyber-security doesn't need to wait that late. Recently founding the website, (ISC)2 struck a partnership with Jim Davis, creator of the cartoon Garfield to find a ‘face' for teaching young kids about staying safe online.

As a final message to those already in Information Security, Shearer told SC that the community should take particular care with regards to “honing their craft,” and went on to explain that information security practitioners should always aim to gather at large conferences as they are great opportunities to learn from each other.

Likewise, Shearer said that (ISC)2 is on a mission to better serve its members, explaining that their plan for the future is to create more thought leadership by giving CISSP qualified members more deep and meaningful opportunities to further their qualification and earn CPE points.

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