Video: ISF's Durbin advises orgs to protect mission critical info assets

News by Teri Robinson

Information Security Forum managing director Steve Durbin sat down with executive editor Teri Robinson to discuss how organisations can better protect their mission critical information assets.

A company may build a virtual fortress around its secret recipe for ketchup, but shorter-lived, mission critical information assets, such as a marketing campaign around a new launch, need protection as well, Information Security Forum (ISF) managing director Steve Durbin told executive editor Teri Robinson prior to the release of the ISF's new report on safeguarding mission critical assets.

“You've got both those constants that are mission critical that are probably well identified, but then you have these itinerant critical missions if I can put it that way and that really is where I think some of the challenge lies – how do you identify those and protect them,” Durbin said. “Because it isn't just about protecting at the point of creation it's throughout the life cycle, throughout the whole circle of who you're sharing that information with and what you do with it then in the destruction phase as well, because clearly it still has a value.”

Durbin said information security departments are tasked with a challenge made more daunting by the increased volume of information that organisations must protect. Looking at Standard's & Poor a decade ago, “the percentage of company assets classed as information wasn't as high as it is today; today it's as high as up to 80 percent,” Durbin explained. “Then you think about an information security department that for a number of years now, has been perhaps under invested in, is poorly staffed, can really position itself to work with a business to protect all that information you begin to get a feel for the size of the challenge here.”

Watch the video for the rest of the story…and to get the ISF's take on what organisations should be doing to protect mission critical information assets.

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