Video: Kaspersky says attacks on 'critical infrastructure' on the rise

News by Roi Perez

Information technology and process automation, essential to modern industrial facilities, are under threat from hackers who are increasingly targeting ICS and SCADA systems, says Eugene Kaspersky.

At a gathering in London's Science Museum last week, Kaspersky Lab founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky highlighted the increased cyber-risks faced by ‘critical infrastructure'.

Kaspersky Lab says that information technologies and process automation systems are vital to the operation of all modern industrial facilities, from power plants, refineries and assembly lines to railways, airports and smart buildings.

Kaspersky said, “Attacks are no longer targeted strictly at the end point, cyber-criminals are now looking to attack critical infrastructure.”

Unlike traditional corporate IT networks, where confidentiality is the top priority, industrial control systems (ICS) demand faultless continuity and consistency.

Strict regulation and compliance has led to a scenario where plants might leave critical systems unprotected to ensure business continuity. ICS/SCADA servers, HMI panels, engineering workstations, PLCs and more – some of the more fragile in the average ICS ecosystem – all need to protected.

Kaspersky told "Today, the cyber-security of industrial systems and critical infrastructures is of vital importance. An increasing number of such systems are using devices and channels that interact with the outside world. Sometimes they use equipment that was never intended for external access, not to mention software that was created decades ago and has not been upgraded since!"

Kaspersky went on to explain that, “This is a very serious issue because not only is the continuity of the production process at stake; the environment and even human lives can be at risk." 

See more in this video interview.


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