talked to Ken Munro on his latest, and largest hack to date talked to Ken Munro on his latest, and largest hack to date

You may have heard about the Jeep that was hacked, enabling the attackers to drive it in reverse, but it's not the only one vulnerable to over-the-air takedowns.

Recently at InfoSecurity 2016, caught up with Ken Munro, senior partner at Pen Test Partners, to learn how he managed to hack his own car, a Mitsubishi Outlander.

Famous for hacking into the kettles, fridges and dolls of the IoT, Munro attacked something quite new and far larger – and ultimately more frightening.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV hybrid has a reach of about 30 miles on electricity and 250 miles on petrol. It's a great car, Munro says.

The problems apparently start when the car tries to connect to with a paired app that communicates with the car over Wi-Fi. Having compromised the app, the hacker can do any number of things with the car, including turning off the alarm and disabling the recharge system.

Initial attempts to notify Mitsubishi were met with disinterest until Pen Test Partners approached the BBC with the story. At that point, says Munro, Mitsubishi became far more interested.