Video: Percentage of women in security is still decreasing

News by Tom Reeve

Jane Frankland talks about her upcoming book on women in the security industry and also invites readers to take part in her survey of men and women about gender equality.

The number of women in cyber-security is woefully low and the numbers are only getting smaller. That's the subject of an upcoming book by Jane Frankland, advisory board member of ClubCISO

As part of writing the book, she is also conducting original field research on the issue of women in security and gender equality. 

In this video interview, filmed during an SC Roundtable event, she explains the origins of her book and invites readers - both women and men - to contribute to her research by taking part in a short, gender-specific survey on SurveyMonkey. 

The book, as yet untitled, came about as a result of an overwhelming response to a blog post that Frankland wrote in December last year. 

It is expected the book will be published next year. 

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