Video Saver PUP alters browser settings

News by Greg Masters

VideoSaver, a potentially unwanted programme (PUP), has been detected altering default settings on users' browsers.

Beyond simply presenting victims with popup ads, a potentially unwanted programme (PUP) called VideoSaver, usually bundled to freeware or shareware applications, has been detected altering default settings on users' browsers, according to Malwarebytes.

Descended from the Neobar family of browser hijackers, the invasive app installs its own search engine as a default and, using the Group Policy Editor, sets a registry value disabling users' ability to set their own list of search engines and, further, blocks users from altering search engine settings for Internet Explorer and other browsers.

The installer and files injected by Video Saver are identified by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware as PUP.Optional.NeoBar and PUP.Optional.VideoSaver.

The company advises users who have admin rights to either remove the registry value or, preferably, use the Group Policy Editor to reset the registry value to zero.

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