Video: Surveying the threat landscape at the SC Roundtable

News by Tom Reeve

The most recent SC Roundtable, looking at the cyber threat landscape, drew around 20 delegates from the information security industry to a breakfast meeting at the Royal Exchange in London.

In this video, we hear from a number of participants at our recent roundtable event about the dangers they see in the cyber-security landscape.

Big 4 consultant Stephen Bonner, a leading thinker on cyber-security issues and the featured speaker at the event, said that he was struck by the fact that despite the diversity of industries represented around the table, many of the cyber-security problems they faced were the same.

The guests around the table were also in agreement that the landscape is changing quickly.

Michael Everall, an information security advisor, said that much of the discussion around the threat landscape has moved beyond the “bits, bytes and blinking lights” to issues of reputation and brand, so that isolated problems can quickly become organisational issues.

The discussion revolved around the twin threats of cyber-criminals hacking into your systems and regulators imposing requirements on your organisation and, potentially, issuing substantial penalties for non-conformance.

To learn more, read our news article on the event here and watch the video above.

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