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Vipre Enterprise v3.1


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£18.25 per seat for 50-100 users (inc. one-year maintenance)

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Strengths: Great price/performance. UI is easy to use. Unique technology

Weaknesses: Reporting was light; real-time alerting

Verdict: Very attractive, aligns price and features in a simple-to-deploy, easy-to-use offering

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Vipre Enterprise v3.1 (VPE) is an anti-virus and anti-spyware product that is managed from a central console. It is an enterprise application that is installed on a server and referred to as the VPE server. This deploys agents onto network workstations.

The Admin Server is the central management interface for VPE. Administrators use the policy-based, centrally managed Admin Console to manage and remove viruses and a broad range of malware from the network. Agents are deployed to desktop, laptop and servers to provide constant real-time scanning protection. Configuration of agents, the component that resides on endpoint machines, is performed at the console. Agents send report information back to the console, where it is entered into the reporting database. Additionally, system events are logged and reported to the console.

The server load was fully automated and was easy to perform. Once loaded, the console application is launched and the VPE is configured. Configuration is completed through several windows of data entry. You can then move on to adding policies.

Agent deployment has several options, including AD integration.

The UI was easy to navigate and the data very well presented and we could configure the dashboard.

There are only a handful of basic reports available. Exports were also supported. Email integration is included for alerting, but not easily customisable. Vipre Enterprise is an attractive solution.

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