Virtual application delivery infrastructure and ADC hypervisor introduced by Radware

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Radware has launched its virtual application delivery infrastructure (VADI) strategy.

Radware has launched its virtual application delivery infrastructure (VADI) strategy.

It said that with an objective to bring full agility and efficiency of virtualisation to application delivery solutions, VADI brings an architecture that transforms computing resources, as well as application delivery and virtualisation services, into one integrated, agile and scalable application delivery virtualisation infrastructure.

Radware said that VADI is designed to bridge the gap between underlying hardware resources and to serve the various application needs in terms of service level agreement and performance predictability, whilst delivering maximum agility to application delivery services.

Ilan Kinreich, COO of Radware, said: “Radware is the only application delivery provider to market such an offering. Creating a virtualised application delivery infrastructure allows for the alignment of application delivery services with a company's new virtual data centre architecture, providing each application with an application delivery service matching businesses SLAs and performance predictability needs.”

The first available component is the ADC-VXT, an ADC hypervisor that according to the company enables the agility of virtualisation for ADC services without compromising resiliency or performance predictability.


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