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Crypto exchange BitGrail and token developer Nano in coin theft dispute

Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail is feuding with the developers of Nano virtual tokens, with both sides pointing fingers after BitGrail issued an announcement claiming a malicious actor stole 17 million Nano coins.

Owners of hacked Tokyo cryptocurrency exchange owed £302 million

On Sunday it was announced that Coincheck Inc would return 46.3 billion Yen (£302 million) of virtual money to its owners after hackers stole the amount last week in one of the biggest-ever virtual money thefts, according to Reuters.

EU to expand controls on virtual currencies to fight terrorism

The EU is looking to crack down on anonymous currency exchanges that could be used by terrorist.

EU high court rules Bitcoin exchange is now tax-free

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that Bitcoin transactions are not subject to value-added tax (VAT).