Nebulas Solutions has launched an integrated solution that combines technologies and expertise needed to create a virtual desktop infrastructure in a single box.

The ‘VDI in a Box' is intended to streamline the entire process of deploying a virtual desktop infrastructure, as well as significantly reducing the time and cost involved.

The company claimed that it allows the process of moving to a virtual desktop infrastructure to a few days, as the key technologies have been optimised to work most effectively together, along with all the pre-defined scripts needed to ensure a rapid, error-free implementation process.

VDI in a Box uses Pano Logic's zero client for the desktop, with VMware's technology providing the virtual and connection broker layers. These are combined with AppSense's user environment management solution to handle the physical to virtual desktop migration, as well as ongoing management of the user's policy and personalisation information. NetApp provides the storage component and is fully optimised for the VMware environment.

VDI in a Box is being offered in several configurations to accommodate up to 50, 100, 500 and 1,000+ users. Whilst VDI in a Box is a standardised solution, a number of complementary modules are available to further extend its capabilities. Add-on options help to facilitate operations such as managing branch offices over a wide area network or virtualising applications to reduce storage needs, as well as further security and high availability options.

Nebulas managing director Nick Garlick, said: “Many customers find that deciding how to virtualise their desktop environment is a costly, time consuming and complex process. In addition to taking several months, it's almost impossible for them to fully evaluate their proposed solution before the virtualisation process starts, due to the different technologies, components and vendors that are involved.” 

“With VDI in a Box, we've shortcut the whole process. By combining our virtualisation expertise with proven components and technologies, customers now have an optimised, integrated solution that works, straight out of a box. Customers don't need to redefine anything: they can implement a virtual desktop infrastructure in around 10 per cent of the time they'd otherwise have taken.”