Virtualisation News, Articles and Updates

High cloud adoption, low IT security spend = 55% cyber-attack detection

Liviu Arsene discusses how organisations can best protect hybrid cloud environments from blitzkrieg attacks.

Why 2017 will be a watershed year for IT admins

Vidya Vasu explores how the third digital revolution will impact the work of sysadmins, as well as the continuation of the cloud in the workplace amongst other predictions.

CIOs fear losing cyber fight against sophisticated hackers, lax users

A survey of 400 CIOs of large organisations in the US, UK and Germany finds majority fear they're fighting a losing battle, says company promoting micro-virtualisation as a new approach to security.

Researchers query hypervisor security in future AMD Zen processors

Technology in development that is designed to stop malicious hypervisors from reading and writing protected data in virtualised environments may not work as intended, researchers say.

Is Microsoft exposing the supply chain by hardening the enterprise Edge?

Microsoft has announced it is to harden the Edge browser for enterprise users.

Securing tomorrow's clouds

Finding the right partner is the key to making cloud use secure for your organisation says Kevin Patel.

53% of organisations around the world still use Windows Server 2003

Over half (53 percent) of companies have at least one instance of Windows Server 2003 still running even though its end of life (EOL) date passed on 14 July 2015.

Security concerns are top issue keeping orgs from virtualising all apps

Nearly 70 percent of high-ranking technology professionals believe that security will be less of an obstacle to greater cloud and software-defined data centre (SDDC) adoption by the end of 2016.

Industry Innovators: Virtualisation and cloud security

We still need the functionality of traditional protections - at least in part - but the manner of deployment is quite different.

'Venom' VM zero-day draws comparisons with Heartbleed

CrowdStrike security researchers have discovered a zero-day affecting virtual machines, dubbed 'Venom', which could allow an attacker to "escape out of the virtual machine and execute code on the host with full privileges", thus putting data centres potentially in danger.

Should flexible working result in flexible security?

Flexible working can bring security pitfalls, according to Imation's Nick Banks.

Guilty plea in RuneScape hack and virtual items sale

A 21-year-old UK man was charged with two counts of unauthorised computer access after pleading guilty to hacking RuneScape gaming accounts

SafeNet offers cloud-based key management

SafeNet has launched what it calls the 'first crypto hypervisor' that aims to solve key management issues.

"We can offer 100 per cent protection rather than detection"

Last week I met with a new company to the UK, who offered the above guarantee which I suspect may raise more than a few eyebrows.

There remains a shortage of programme testing and recovery plans to protect data in virtualised cloud environments

Virtualisation and the cloud are bringing greater flexibility, agility and capabilities to users - but very little has been done to test data recovery plans.