Virtualised appliances take centre stage in new Sourcefire 3D system

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Sourcefire has announced the launch of its 3D System 4.9 that now contains new virtual appliances.

Sourcefire has announced the launch of its 3D System 4.9 that now contains new virtual appliances.

Featuring a Virtual 3D Sensor and Virtual Defense Center, the virtual appliances enable users to deploy the company's leading security solutions within their virtual environments, increasing protection for both physical and virtual assets.

As part of the Sourcefire 3D System 4.9, the new appliances allow organisations to inspect traffic between virtual machines, while also making it easier to deploy and manage sensors at remote sites where resource may be limited.

They also enable managed security service providers and cloud computing companies to implement Sourcefire's security solutions on existing customer hardware for increased protection.

Sourcefire's technical director Dominic Storey, claimed that the virtualisation of the new system helps the company achieve its goal to make things more accurate and to demand clarity on contextual attacks.

Storey said: “Our view is how to get information and interact with machines, so we invented RNA to classify information and correlate with intrinsic detection. We also added to the portfolio the ability to see who is using a machine at any one time, who is the victim? This is what 3D is about – to discover, defend and determine. Cybersecurity is about understanding what your assets are and knowing what you have to defend.

“System 4 was seen as a landmark and we have now included the virtualisation of the sensors themselves. We are quite careful in exploring the benefits of protecting a VM Ware cluster as that is where inserting a virtualised sensor makes sense.”

The Sourcefire 3D System 4.9 release, including the Virtual 3D Sensors and Virtual Defense Center, will be available during the second half of 2009.

Tom McDonough, president and COO of Sourcefire, said: “As companies move more of their critical information and applications into virtual environments, it is becoming increasingly important to implement innovative security solutions to protect those assets.

“The new Virtual 3D Sensor and Defense Center deliver leading protection for both physical and virtual environments, so that our customers are never forced to sacrifice security or efficiency. They now have the flexibility to select the physical or virtual solution to meet their specific infrastructure requirements.”

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