Virus News, Articles and Updates

Virus and Trojan attacks target 1,000+ Androids daily in the UK

More than 1,000 Android phones are under cyber-attack in the UK each day.

VirusTotal policy changes spark outrage among newer tech startups

Changes in policy at information sharing database, VirusTotal, mean that those who don't put in will get nothing back, but some warn that this is merely the old guard of tech world muscling out the new players.

Police body cameras pre-infected with Conficker malware

Lax cyber-security protocols in Chinese factories identified by one commentator as possible source of infection which could impact many other IoT devices.

Benevolent virus treats home routers against cyber-attack

According to Symantec, a virus known as Wifatch has been used to treat more than 10,000 home routers against cyber-attacks.

Gozi Trojan financial web injection hacker pleads guilty

Financial malware web injection technique hacker Deniss Calovskis says he 'knew he was breaking the law'

Tiny Tinba malware gets tough, new variants infect European banks

Researchers at IBM Security Trusteer say that new and nasty variants of the Tinba Trojan, said to be the world's smallest malware, are emerging, and they're targeting European banks.

Virus-like 'WireLurker' malware targets Apple Mac and iOS devices

A new and 'unprecedented' malware family has been targeting Apple devices much like a traditional computer virus, and is thought to have infected up to 350,000 machines to date.

Prison Locker virus threatens to flood market

New low-cost ransomware about to launch.

First iOS 7 jailbreak puts business at risk

The first jailbreak for Apple's iOS7 has emerged, posing a security risk for businesses that operate a 'bring your own device' (BYOD) policy.

Spammers target Amazon holiday shoppers with Trojan-infected emails

Researchers at Malwarebytes say that spammers are targeting Amazon account holders with emails carrying two different types of Trojan malware.

Bitcoin-themed malware 'rising sharply'

Experts are warning users to expect a steep rise in Bitcoin-themed malware attacks following discovery of a new virus called Bitcoin Alarm

Virus takes user's photo via webcam

A rogue anti-virus product that blackmails people by secretly taking their picture with their webcam is on the rise.

Europe's CERTs - share to beat cyber attacks

Europe's computer emergency response teams (CERTs) need to share attack informatio to combat the increasingly complex cyber attacks they face.

Red October espionage campaign targets governments and organisations

A high-level cyber espionage campaign that successfully infiltrated computer networks at diplomatic, governmental and scientific research organisations has been detected.