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Voltage SecureMail v3


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Appliance £5,500; user licence £49.99 per user per year

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Strengths: Fully-loaded email security gateway with a fair amount of functionality

Weaknesses: Difficult management interface and high cost

Verdict: A solid, high-performance tool with a bit of a high price tag and a challenging user interface.

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Voltage SecureMail incorporates several components. The SecureMail Gateway server provides policy-based encryption and centralised management and reporting. The clients integrate directly into Microsoft Outlook to provide seamless encryption, while the Zero Download Messenger allows the recipient to access secure email without the need to download decrypters or other tools. SecureMail also has anti-phishing capability and support for wireless devices such as BlackBerry.

Ease of use was average. Voltage would normally do an onsite installation, but to save time we had them preconfigure the box for our environment. When it arrived, setup was as simple as plugging in the device and following a few simple steps they gave us. Once the box was up and running, we were directed to the web-based management interface.

This console was not that easy to navigate. The menu options are ambiguous and not intuitive at all. Policy management was a bit less complicated, thanks to a fairly self-explanatory policy engine.

SecureMail offers a lot of flexibility. The product seems to have been designed with a Microsoft environment in mind. The clients can be deployed via domain group policy or by individual users as they are.msi files. When that is coupled with direct Outlook integration and the fairly simple policy configuration, this product can really shine in seamless integration.

Documentation consists of a single PDF installation and admin guide, which provides organised and detailed configuration and management information.

Voltage offers two forms of support. The standard option is available during normal business hours, premium support is available 24/7. Based on the level they choose, customers have access to email and phone support as well as a customer portal, knowledge base and engineers.

While this product does have a fair amount of functionality, it also has a slightly higher cost. The appliance itself costs £5,500, but then per year user licences need to be added at £50 each. We consider this just above average value for the money.