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Pulse Secure VPN vulnerability can allow MITM attacks

The Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (KB CERT) posted an advisory warning stating the Pulse Secure VPN Linux graphic user interface (GUI) fails to validate SSL certificates.

Cisco warns of a critical vulnerability in its SSL VPN solution

Hackers could run code on VPN box. Cisco has confirmed a critical security vulnerability in its SSL VPN solution, Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA), one of the most widely-deployed SSL VPNs on the market.

Russia bans non-compliant VPNs - a blow to privacy and free speech?

Russia's ban on virtual private network (VPN) services that do not comply with the country's new set of anti-privacy laws took effect a month after Facebook told to store Russian citizens' data on Russian servers or get blocked.

DUMB ransomware attacks Iranian targets via compromised VPN

Maher, Iran's Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERTCC), has warned that 'Tyrant' ransomware is being distributed in the country via a compromised VPN app, undermines trust in IT dept.

Russian anti-privacy laws go into effect - Facebook to be blocked

Russia's anti-privacy laws began taking effect 1 October - with another deadline on 1 November - just as the country pledged to block Facebook if the company refuses to store Russian citizens' data on Russian servers.

Both Russia and China clamp down further on VPNs - Apple complies

Both the Russian and Chinese governements have clamped down further on VPNs used to access non-approved sites anonymously, and Apple has now pulled VPN apps from its AppStore in China.

India threatens jail for visiting forbidden sites

Visiting a 'forbidden' website is now punishable with a three-year jail term in India - even without downloading anything. NordVPN predicts a surge of VPN subscriptions in India by Internet users to protect online freedom.

ICYMI: UAE VPN ban; Malvertising; Voice recognition, US drops SMS; Bitcoins stolen

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at UAE's VPN ban; Hidden malvertising; Bank voice recognition; US drops SMS -2F; Bitcoins stolen.

UAE 'VPN ban' creates confusion

Increased fines for using VPN to commit criminal acts resulted in confusion over who can use VPN for what in the United Arab Emirates.


A royal command has banned VPNs and proxy servers in the United Arab Emirates, but for a country investing so heavily in cyber-security, is this not a step back?

Netflix's VPN ban may result in stronger security for VPN customers

Despite very vocal critics, Netflix will not give in to the demands of overseas VPN users that want access to the US catalogue of shows says Paul Bischoff.

ICYMI: Snapchat hack; TLS Drowned; Medical ransomware; Norway/China; SSL VPN insecure

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at Snapchat whaled; Drown hits TLS; Hospitals ransomed; Chinese espionage in Norway; 90% of SSL VPNs insecure

VPN gone bad: APT actors enlist Chinese 'Terracotta' provider to hide criminal activity

APT actors are using a China-based VPN provider to hide their digital tracks and mask their identities.

VPN services at risk from IPv6 vulnerability

Users who have opted for a VPN service could be at risk from hackers thanks to the way that providers handle IPv6 traffic.

Mobile guidance on encryption/VPN from CESG

The CESG, the security offshoot of GCHQ, has published in-depth guidance for users of laptop, tablet and smartphone operating systems, offering specifics on how to deploy and use the operating systems on a mobile platform.

Third-party access adds vulnerability

Its time to take back third party remote access and increase visibility on the network says Stuart Facey

ICO issues advice on BYOD data management and security

A bring your own device (BYOD) policy raises a number of data protection concerns due to its ownership, and data controllers must ensure that all data processing remains in compliance with the Data Protection Act, the ICO has said.

The summer for remote connectivity begins now

As children break up from school for the summer holidays and trips away from home are planned, the subject of remote workers and the problems surrounding external access arises.