Vulnerable News, Articles and Updates

Cryptography is the key to survival

A fifth, man-made domain serving as a great force multiplier for commerce and free expression, cyber-space has also made us more vulnerable.

Interpol warns IoT devices at risk

Cyber-attacks against IoT devices have grown markedly over the past two years, prompting a warning from Interpol that nearly any IoT device - from refrigerators to smartphones - is vulnerable to attack.

SC Congress 2018: What's happening on your network?

Not knowing who or what is on your network is leaving organisations vulnerable to cyber-crime including ransomware. Although there are technical issues, training and personnel is a bigger problem.

More than 100 malwares searching for Spectre & Meltdown vulnerabilities

It hasn't taken long for cyber-criminals to craft malware specifically designed to seek out machines vulnerable to the recently disclosed Spectre and Meltdown speculative execution bugs found in most computer chips.

Autosploit marries Shodan, Metasploit, puts IoT devices at risk

Autosploit, a new tool that basically couples Shodan and Metasploit, makes it easy for even amateurs to hack vulnerable IoT devices.

Lax security practices around Microsoft Exchange leaves organisations vulnerable

Any firm with Exchange ActiveSync externally accessible, will be vulnerable, warns MWR InfoSecurity

39% of UK organisations are less vulnerable than one year ago

Nearly 40 percent of UK companies are more secure than they were this time last year, however the threat and consequences of security breaches are still a priority for IT pros.