Waking Shark 2 News, Articles and Updates

Waking Shark II results lack bite

SecureData's Alan Carter asks what was learned from Waking Shark II, and questions whether there be a sequel, or spin-offs of the franchise into other sectors of the economic and physical infrastructure.

UK government champions cyber security

Cyber attacks are front of mind for the UK government and local companies, following comments from business secretary Vince Cable earlier this week. But concerns linger after the latest Waking Shark exercise.

Cyber attacks hit UK banks

There is a sudden upsurge in the number of banks seeing cyber threat as a major risk says a new Bank Of England report.

Waking Shark in second attack on UK banks

The ability of Britain's major banks to withstand a crippling cyber attack will be tested next month in a 'war game' exercise called Operation Waking Shark 2.