WannaCry spotted for just £40 on underground Arabic forum

News by Robert Abel

WannaCry ransomware was seen in an advertisement on the Middle Eastern and North African Arabic-speaking underground forums for £40 just two days after the malware's outbreak caused nearly £3 billion in damage.

TrendMicro researchers said the low price point reflected a unique aspect of brotherhood and camaraderie unlike that seen in other market places where the players only aim to make money, according to a 10 October blog post.

“Unlike marketplaces in Russia and North America, for instance, where its players aim to make a profit, the Middle East and North Africa's underground scene is an ironic juncture where culture, ideology, and cyber-crime meet,” the post said.

The same camaraderie reportedly holds true for other malware sold in the forums including remote access trojans (RAT), keyloggers, SQL injections, and spam distribution tools as well as for collaboration efforts for DDoS attacks and other website defacements.

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