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Going Soft: Nation-state attackers seek weaknesses in the system

Arguably, the most important battleground is not a geographic location; it's the internet. And here, just as in real-world battles, the enemies of the United States are hoping to find areas of vulnerability to exploit.

Nation state cyber-attacks on the rise - detect lateral movement quickly

The line between cyber-criminals and nation-state hackers is increasingly blurred. The volume and intensity of cyber-attacks hit a new high in 2017 alongside the increasing level of sophistication of hacks.

SC Congress 2018: How we recover once we've suffered a ransomware attack

It's become so easy for anyone to pull-off a ransomware attack even an 11 year old could do it, Raj Samani, chief scientist for McAfee told delegates at a masterclass during SC Media UK Congress 2018 last week.

Update 2: UK & US blame North Korea for WannaCry - 'directly responsible'

North Korea was behind the WannaCry ransomware that blazed a destructive path around the world last spring, wreaking havoc on companies of all stripes say both UK and US officials.

WannaCry, Cerber most used ransomware types, hospitals most hit sector

WannaCry and Cerber has totally dominated the ransomware landscape so far this year comprising almost all the attacks that have taken place, while other big names such as Locky were barely a blip on the radar.

Wannacry - North Korea blamed by UK; NHS didn't follow recommendations

National Audit Office (NAO) report says NHS trusts were left vulnerable to the unsophisticated Wannacry attack because NHS chiefs ignored cyber-security recommendations. UK Government holds North Korea responsible.

WannaCry spotted for just £40 on underground Arabic forum

WannaCry ransomware was seen in an advertisement on the Middle Eastern and North African Arabic-speaking underground forums for £40 just two days after the malware's outbreak caused nearly £3 billion in damage.

Korea's electronics firm LG hit by ransomware, believed to be WannaCry

Consumer electronics company LG has reported to the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) about a ransomware attack on one of its service centres in Korea, with reports saying it is the WannaCry ransomware.

More staff cyber-security aware following WannaCry devastation in May

If there was a silver lining to the WannaCry attacks it was to raise awareness of the dangers of networked systems and encourage more non-technical people to learn more about malware.

What Moore's Law has to teach us about WanaCrypt0r

Kirsten Bay argues that by switching to a detection-led approach, CISOs can focus less on ensuring every machine on their network is updated, and more on spotting the attacks once they have penetrated the perimeter.

UPDATE: 'NotPetya' ransomware at heart of new global campaign

A yet-indeterminate ransomware strain has infected systems all over the world with particular enthusiasm for Ukrainian targets.

Ransom-Aware: Consumer awareness high in the wake of WannaCry

Carbon Black's latest study gauges public perception of ransomware, paying ransoms and consumer expectations on businesses to keep their data safe.

Pyongyang calling: GCHQ also now pins WannaCry on North Korea

Not much is known of the investigation by the NCSC into the attack, but experts disagree on the validity of the claims.

Breaking the mould: Why North Korea is unlikely to be behind the WannaCry attack

Ross Rustici provides insight into why North Korea is unlikely to be the answer to the identity of the WannaCry attack.

[Video] Unprecedented age: Ideology, adversaries and survivability

Just as we are getting used to attackers whose motivation is primarily financial, along come a new breed of attackers who aren't interested in money, says Khaled Fattal, chairman of the MLi Group.

ICYMI: Industroyer; WannCry; InfoSec Bears; Infosec GDPR; Virgin routers

In Case You Missed it: Industroyer hits controls: WannaCry 1 month on; Infosec Bear hunt; Infosec GDPR role; Virgin routers vulnerable

ICYMI: WordPress; EternalBlue; SC Awards; GDPR; Encryption

In Case You Missed It: Why target WordPress?; EternalBlue further exploited; SC Awards Europe 2017 Winners; Buying GDPR compliance; Encryption targeted following terrorism attacks

Researchers show how WannaCry can be ported to infect Windows 10

Security researchers show how latest Microsoft operating system could have been infected by ransomware

Patch-me-if-you-can: security teams struggle to apply updates in time

Research from Bromium says security teams aren't being cut any slack on the patching front by software developers and their own organisations.

Blame for the WannaCry attack pointed at the NSA

A good part of the blame for the WannaCry ransomware attack belongs to the National Security Agency, notes Bruce Schneier, in an article in Foreign Affairs.

Has WannaCry trashed reputations of leading cyber-security vendors?

During a recent chat, Ian Trump - also known as phat_hobbit on Twitter - said the cyber-security industry had some difficult questions to answer in the wake of WannaCry.

WannaCry fallout: is hoarding exploits, delaying fixes ever justified?

With the lethality of WannaCry being blamed on the NSA's EternalBlue exploit, we asked the cyber-security industry about the wisdom of allowing intelligence agencies to stockpile zero days.

File carving can reverse WannaCry ransomware encryption, says McAfee

Security researchers at McAfee say they have developed an experimental method for recovering files encrypted by WannaCry ransomware.

WannaCry: McAfee outlines recovery technique for when the worst happens

A possible means to bypass the WannaCry decryption system has been developed by security researchers at McAfee. Here, the creators detail their experimental method.

North Korea APT and WannaCry linked by multiple independent researchers

If North Korea is behind the 11 May WannaCry attack, it would be the first known time a nation-state sponsored and perpetrated a ransomware attack.