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ICYMI: WannaCry - NHS hit; Round 2? who to blame?; predecessor; MalwareTech

In Case You Missed it: WannaCry global ransomware attack freezes NHS, Apportioning blame, Backgound and precedents, Saving the day

Was the government and its agencies' response to WannaCry adequate?

It's hardly a surprise that opposition politicians criticised the government's response to WannaCry, but what's the CISO perspective? What do we think actually did work, what didn't, and what more can and should we be doing?

New WanaCrypt0r variants spotted, but 'poor', version one worst over

While patching and software upgrades were still underway in the wake of the WanaCryptOr attack, reports of variants began appearing

How WannaCry crippled the NHS and a security researcher brought it back

Into the breach: how a security researcher and other cyber-security experts working together and alone stopped a virulent strain of malware in its tracks.

WannaCry Update - who is to blame and are we facing round two?

WannaCry - a truly global cyber-attack demonstrates how cyber-criminals can use state-tools for their own ends, leaving no one able to claim ignorance about the importance of patching.

Hospitals turn patients away as NHS caught up in global ransomware attack

A combination of WannaCrypt0r and the EternalBlue exploit harvested from the NSA is forcing the closure of networks around the world including many NHS trusts in the UK.